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What do you win with doccle

  • Cost-efficient

    By digitising your HR administration you will not only help the environment, but you will also help your organisation to save costs.

  • Better provision of services

    No more lost documents, thanks to Doccle. Via Doccle, your employees will have access to one central and well-organised archive, regardless of which payroll company you work with.

  • Safety Guaranteed

    A Doccle account complies with the highest privacy and security requirements so that your employees’ data and documents are always protected and secure.

  • An established value

    Doccle now has more than 30 partners and 850.000 users and the platform is growing daily. Moreover, Doccle continues to build on an even better, more secure and simpler solution.

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Good to know

Is the privacy of my employees guaranteed?

Security and privacy have absolute priority. Doccle protects its users against unauthorised access to data. Only your employee has access to his documents and information. Doccle also evaluates the security measures on a regular basis and so continues to work on security.

Can my employees sign documents electronically?

Certainly! Doccle offers its users the possibility of signing documents such as employment contracts and employment regulations with an electronic signature by means of their eID. This is a secure, fast and simple procedure.

What more does Doccle have to offer?

Doccle is not just an online platform where documents are kept for a long time, but it is also an application which enables you to process documents immediately. For your employees, Doccle is a direct channel that enables them to connect with each of our 30 partners.

Our clients’ experience

“Our employees have been receiving their pay documents from Doccle for a year now. The start-up of this process went very smoothly. Doccle offers plenty of benefits both for Waterlink and for employees. We can be certain that the documents are sent properly and most of all quickly to the employees. Moreover, it is a secure, fast and user-friendly platform for the HR department as well as for employees.”

Rigo De MoorWaterlink - Responsible for Payroll

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