Pay slip

The monthly paycheck can be forwarded in either paper or digital form. At Doccle, you can receive, save or retrieve your payslip in your personal, digital safe.

What is a pay slip?

If you work, you should receive a pay slip every month. Your paycheck lists all the elements of your gross pay for the previous month. For example, the number of days you worked, any overtime bonuses, paid time off, etc. What exactly must be included in your pay slip is defined by law.

Your pay slip on paper or online

You can receive your pay slip on paper, but it can also be sent digitally. A digital version is therefore perfectly legal as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The employee receives a pay slip that clearly shows how the pay was calculated.
  • The pay slip is available to the employee outside the context of the employer and for up to 5 years after leaving employment.
  • The digital pay slip is stored by a legal filing service.

Pay slips via Doccle fulfil all these conditions. With Doccle, you store all your documents, such as paychecks, in your personal digital safe.

Store, receive and retrieve pay slips

All your documents are automatically stored centrally in your Doccle account, free of charge, for 7 years or longer if required by law. Pay slips are subject to a 10 year retention period. However, the government recommends that you keep them until you retire. So, your pay slips will never disappear from your Doccle account without your permission.

On Doccle, you can receive pay slips from various social security offices and employers. As soon as you add your employer or social secretariat to your account, you will receive all subsequent pay slips via Doccle. You will also receive an automatic notification when a new pay slip is available. These remain permanently available in your personal archive, where you can retrieve them at any time.

Your received pay slips remain permanently available in your Doccle archive. If you need older documents that have not yet been added to Doccle, you should request them from your employer’s HR department.

Receive your pay slips through Doccle