Privacy policy

At Doccle, we understand the importance of protecting your online privacy all too well. Respect for your privacy is of fundamental importance to us. We therefore want to be clear about the data we process.

We generally follow two principles:

  • Information we receive from you is only visible to you and the people you share it with.
  • The data we receive from your suppliers is only visible to you and your supplier.

This summary does not replace the official version of the privacy statement, but provides an overview of our main principles. We hope that this summary will help you make decisions about your online activities and give you an insight into your data protection rights.

Which categories of personal data does Doccle process??

  • Identification data – Data with which you use to create your account

(e.g. name, address, date of birth …)

  • Access codes – Data provided to Doccle by the companies

(e.g. customer number, contract number …)

  • Contact details – Information with which you contact us about our service

(e.g. e-mail address, telephone number …)

  • Payment data – Data with which you make payments or create a mandate via your account

(e.g. bank account number, debit card number, SEPA details …)   

  • Document data – Data linked to documents uploaded to Doccle

(e.g. the size of the file, name of the file …)

Attention: Under no circumstances does Doccle have access to the contents of documents.

  • Information about your activity when you use our platform

(e.g. visited pages, activity within your account …)

  • Browser and session data we get through cookies when you use our website

(e.g. device details, IP address … )

Why and how does Doccle use this data?

  • Creating, managing and linking your account
  • Providing our services, such as storing files on our platform
  • To answer the questions you ask us
  • To keep you informed about new features of our products and services
  • For direct marketing – only if you have agreed to this
  • To evaluate and improve our website
  • To conduct research and analysis so that we can improve and secure our services
  • To comply with our legal obligations

With whom does Doccle share this data?

Doccle uses a number of trusted external parties to process personal data on our behalf. Those third parties are carefully selected and monitored to ensure they meet the highest standards of security and privacy. They provide us with services that help us provide our services in a safe, efficient and compliant manner.

How long is your data stored?

Doccle will not store your personal data longer than necessary for the provision of our services or other processing purposes, unless we are required by law or court to keep it for a longer period of time.

The retention period depends on the nature of the personal data in question, the processing ground and how you configure certain settings in your account.

You are in control of your data, anytime, anywhere.

  • You have access to your data and can always update it
  • You can withdraw your consent to the processing of data if applicable
  • You can have your data erased

How does Doccle protect your data?

Doccle applies strict standards to protect your personal data under our responsibility.

  • We secure all your data when it is transferred, stored or processed
  • All documents are encrypted before being stored
  • Doccle is subject to a strict ISO27001 and ISO9001 audit every year