Overview of functions

Below you can find the various Doccle functions together with the platform on which the function can be used. You can use Doccle via your PC or via your smartphone (IOS or Android).

Function WEB APP
Create an account v v
Delete an account x v
Login via username/password v v
Login via itsme v v
Login via eID v x
Activate connections via codes v v
Activate connections via Doccle Connect v v
Activate connections via QR code x v
Activate connection proposals v v
Receive content v v
View content v v
Organize/sort content v v
Pay for content electronically v v
Manually mark content as paid v v
Digitally sign content v v
View Content Archive v v
Download content v v
Print content v v
Delete content v v
Unlock secure content with eID v x
Unlock secure content with itsme v v
Share content via email v v
Share connections with other users v x
Share connections with accounting software x v
Mark content as read/accepted/approved v v
Upload your own content (+-7500 articles) via file v v
Upload your own content (+-7500 articles) via scan x v
Receive electronic registered mail v v
Add categories to content v v
Remove categories from content v v
Manage categories v v
Apply for a Sepa mandate v x
Cancel a Sepa mandate v x
Modify a Sepa mandate v x
Link an IBAN number v v
Adjust personal data v v
Link itsme v v
Unlink itsme v x
Link eID v x
Unlink eID v x
Enable/disable biometrics x v
Access the chatbot v x
Access the help center v v
Access the website v v
Use the Scan & Pay function x v