This page tells you how to add Acerta and which documents you can receive.
What kind of documents can you receive from this company?
  • Document D(eclaration) S(ocial) R(isque)
  • Individual accounts
  • Payslips
  • Tax forms
  • Vacation Certificate
  • Work Certificate
What can you do via this company?
  • Receive
  • Save
  • Share

How can you connect with this company?

Connect via invitation e-mail Recommended
Connect via the company
Recommended Connect via invitation e-mail

Invitation e-mail

  • 1

    Click the button or link in the email.

    You will receive an invitation e-mail from Doccle to receive your documents via your Doccle account. Click the personal link in the e-mail to make the connection.

  • 2

    Log in to Doccle.

    Log in. No account yet? Then easily create one.

  • 3

    The company will be added automatically.

    No codes are required.

  • Done!

    From now on, you will receive an e-mail with every new document on Doccle.

Connect via the company

Company website

  • 1

    Log in to Doccle.

    Log in here. No account yet? Then create a new account.

  • 2

    Select the company in the overview.

    You can find this overview via the “Connections” button.

    Then click on the “Create a new connection” button.

  • 3

    Go to the company’s website.

    Click on “Add via the company”.

    Log in to the company.

    Click on the “Add to Doccle” button.

    Add to Doccle
  • Done!

    From now on, you will receive an email with every new document on Doccle.