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Digital safe
Administration Assistant
Security & Privacy
Digital safe

The safest place for all your documents

Say goodbye to paperwork. Store all your invoices, contracts and other documents easily and securely in Doccle. That way, you always have an overview and never lose a document again.

  • A central place for all types of documents
  • Add your own documents, paper and digital
  • Accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Easily share documents with others
More about digital safe

I find it very reassuring that all my documents are kept safe at Doccle. And that I have access anytime, anywhere. Even if I change phones, I can still log in with my username and password.

Martine Willems
Martine W.
Administration Assistant

The assistant who takes care of all the paperwork for you in a jiffy

With Doccle’s many useful features, bring order to chaos so you never lose a document or miss a payment again.

  • Connect Doccle with 150 companies and governments
  • Get payment reminders
  • Sign documents easily
  • Pay invoices quickly online via QR, Bancontact, Payconiq, etc.
  • Receive registered mail digitally
More about administration assistant

Since leaving home, I have been doing my own paperwork. Fortunately, I discovered Doccle because I got my first paycheck on Doccle. Meanwhile, I added my other vendors through the app, very easy. Now I get everything through Doccle.

Femke D
Femke D.
Security & Privacy

Doccle watches over your privacy and documents

The entire Doccle platform was designed with maximum safety in mind.

  • Only you have access to your documents
  • Support for eID, itsme®, fingerprint and facial recognition
  • In Doccle, you don’t suffer from spam or phishing
  • We are a Belgian company compliant with the GDPR
More about security & privacy

I have been using Doccle through my computer for a few years now. I have linked all the companies where I am a customer. It’s especially handy for hospital invoices from UZ Leuven. After I pay them, they are automatically saved in my archive.

Wim B
Wim B.