Billing and payment

Billing and payment

Sending invoices and tracking their payment has never been easier, safer or faster.

Streamline your billing

Doccle is ISO-certified and works with the latest technologies to seamlessly incorporate invoices into a digital flow. This makes them easily accessible to customers and allows payments to be made quickly and securely.

Receive payments faster

Give customers the freedom to receive and pay invoices the way they prefer. Doccle automatically sends reminders, offers flexible payment plans, and can even make fully automated payments at the user’s request.

A customized customer experience

From paper to email, from the Doccle platform and app to your own customer portal, Doccle ensures that recipients receive and handle documents through their preferred channels.

Icoon scan & pay in het groen

Digital: faster and cheaper

Thanks to Doccle’s smart conversion techniques, the billing and payment process is more often digital, and therefore faster and cheaper.

Hear it from someone else, too

Doccle is a great addition to our online office, ensuring that clients can handle everything digitally from A to Z.

Geert Van Den Eeckhout, NZVL

Doccle integrates seamlessly with our social secretariat and you save costs by eliminating the printing and mailing of payroll documents. Employees now have a secure online archive where they have long-term access to all their HR-related documents.

Leo Denissen, UZ Leuven

EcoWerf goes one step further and now also gives its own employees the benefit of receiving their paychecks digitally via Doccle. In doing so, we are setting a good example ourselves and striving as much as possible to become a paperless company.

Machteld Vanden Bosch, Ecowerf

I can only recommend Doccle. The distribution of payroll documents is faster, safer and easier. Administrative simplification is always an advantage, both for the hr department and for the employees who now have a clear digital archive available with all their documents.

Rigo De Moor, Waterlink

It is definitely a cost savings. The handling of payroll documents falls away. They no longer need to be printed, sent or distributed. Employees can easily find all their documents in the clear archive. It is also completely secure.

Steven Laurent, Acerta

Thanks to Doccle, customers can pay quickly and correctly. Besides the ecological aspect that we strive for as an environmental company, Doccle is also a cost and labor saver for Ecowerf. We no longer have to look for people who have used incorrect or no OGMs in their payment.

Wouter Ruelens, Ecowerf

Billing through Doccle, that is…

Integrated payment buttons
Pay via Zoomit, Payconiq, credit cards, bancontact, etc.
QR code on paper invoices
Realtime synchronization of payment statuses.
One link for b2b and b2c
Digital invoice archive
No more duplicate payments
100% automatic reconciliation
Know at any time the payment status of invoices
Lower load on your support services
A reliable platform with high availability

Start invoicing with Doccle today