Leuven, Oct. 24 – Doccle, the largest platform for digital administration in Belgium, has helped Helan achieve full digital connection thanks to its e-signing functionality. Thanks to this easy and fast full digital connection flow, Helan is an outlier in the market. In addition, Helan invoices can now also be presented and paid via Doccle. Bram Lerouge, CEO of Doccle: “We are proud to support Helan’s innovative strategy.”

Arranging a connection to Helan has become a lot easier. The entire process, from receiving the affiliation documents to the digital signature, can now be completed digitally. This applies to both the mandatory health insurance and health insurance as well as the optional Hospitalia, Dentalia and Medicalia insurances.

Digitization has been made possible in part thanks to Doccle, the largest platform for digital administration in Belgium. Affiliation documents can now be completed on the Helan website and then signed via Doccle’s integrated e-signing functionality. This enables an easy, fast and fully digital connection. This makes Helan, thanks in part to Doccle, an outlier in the market .
In addition to the digital connection, it is also possible to receive, pay and track your Helan invoices via Doccle. Existing Helan customers can now also take advantage of this functionality as soon as they add Helan to their Doccle account.
Those who still want to connect or manage invoices in the traditional way need not fear: that is still possible and will continue to be possible.

We are proud to support Helan’s innovative strategy.

Bram Lerouge, CEO Doccle

Innovative digitization

Steven Laurent, Manager of Transformation at Helan: “We are the first health insurance fund where it is as easy to join as it is to boil a hard-boiled egg – both take only eight minutes. Without documents, without appointments, with a few clicks you arrange everything yourself via your PC or smartphone. Convenient, fast and easy!”

Bram Lerouge, CEO of Doccle: “We are proud to support Helan’s innovative strategy with Doccle. We notice that more and more mutual insurance companies are playing the card of innovative digitization and using Doccle for their digital administration with customers. The great advantage of Doccle is that we not only offer secure digital transmission, but also payment of invoices and electronic signature. For our users, it is advantageous that they only have to go through a learning curve once, and can then use Doccle for all other connected suppliers. For the mutual insurance companies, in turn, it is advantageous that they only have to connect with one solution, instead of having to find different suppliers for the different services.”

For Doccle, the partnership is another step in digitizing (health) administration. Not so long ago, Nexuzhealth, market leader in electronic patient records, also chose Doccle as a partner for digitizing patient invoices. From now on, as many as 30 hospitals working with the mynexuzhealth electronic patient portal can also choose Doccle for their digital invoice administration. Within Doccle, healthcare invoices are also automatically stored for as long as required by law.

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