Some documents should certainly not be deleted or should be kept for a certain period of time. Thanks to the upload function, you can also store these documents on the secure Doccle platform free of charge. Below is a brief overview:

1. Warranty certificates

The average warranty period of purchased devices (TV, cellphone, computer, …) is two years. Suppose you have an issue during this period, you must be able to present your warranty certificate to be entitled to a free repair.

2. Work-related documents

Tax forms, holiday forms, proof of educational leave, … These are just a few of the various documents you need to complete your tax return, or which you must be able to present to a potential future employer.

3. Vehicle documents

In the event of theft of your car, it is easier to request everything back if you have kept a copy of your official vehicle documents (certificate of uniformity, proof of insurance, pink card, proof of technical inspection, etc.).

4. Academic documents

You should definitely keep your diplomas and certificates with you at all times. Your employer can request this at any time and it may cost some money to re-apply for it from the institution where you completed the course in question.

5. Medical documents

Make sure you keep all your medical documents neatly in one place that both you and your emergency contact can access in case of urgency. This way you prevent dangerous situations and you can quickly pass on the necessary information to the right people.

6. Residential documents

Whether you rent or let an apartment, have a house built or sell a studio, this entails a lot of paperwork, some of which must be kept safe. Some essential documents for this are the energy performance certificate (EPC), your building permit, etc.

7. Governmental documents

Have they stolen your wallet or handbag and are you abroad? With a copy of your documents (identity card, passport, …) safely stored online, you save yourself a lot of stress and misery. Moreover, you will no longer have any problems logging in with your eID thanks to a PIN and PUK code saved online.

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