In 2015, UZ Leuven started a partnership with Doccle, and since then most of the 9,500 employees have been receiving their pay slips digitally. The signing of the new labor regulations was also recently done digitally via Doccle.

UZ Leuven on Doccle

“It was time for a digital alternative. There was a demand for this from both employees and the organization. The start-up went very smoothly. After a test phase with about a hundred employees, we really took off. Employees received a letter explaining the new platform, flyers were distributed and we also set up a Doccle booth where employees could go with their questions,” says Leo Denissen, head of logistics software development Information Technology at UZ Leuven.

Doccle connects seamlessly with our social secretariat and you save costs by eliminating the printing and mailing of payroll documents.

Leo Denissen, hoofd logistieke softwareontwikkeling Informatietechnologie bij UZ Leuven
Bovenaanzicht dokter aan computer

Succesverhaal met toekomst

Within UZ Leuven, the collaboration with Doccle is a success story. Leo: “Administrative simplification is an advantage for everyone. Our organization was ready for digitization. Doccle fits in seamlessly with our social secretariat and you save costs by eliminating the printing and sending of payroll documents. It is also easier for the employees. They now have a secure online archive where they have long-term access to all their hr-related documents.”

For the future, UZ Leuven is also looking at the possibility of sending patient invoices via Doccle, but for now it will stick to hr-related communication. “I can definitely recommend it to organizations. We have given our employees the choice via an opt-out as to whether or not they want to use Doccle, but not for nothing almost everyone uses the digital platform. If I may give a tip to organizations in the start-up phase: clear communication to employees is crucial!”

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