“Doccle’s added value goes far beyond the workplace.”

Acerta is one of Doccle’s founding partners and thus one of the first companies to adopt the platform in early 2014. “We use Doccle to deliver payroll documents to our employees,” said Steven Laurent, director of digital channels at Acerta. “Both their monthly pay sheet and their annual tax sheet are provided to employees through the digital platform.”

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“The vast majority of our 1335 employees have since found their way to the Doccle platform and choose to no longer receive the paper versions of payroll documents.”

The benefits of Doccle? Steven Laurent: “For Acerta as a company, it’s definitely a cost savings. The handling of payroll documents falls away. These no longer have to be printed, sent or distributed. It is also a great system for employees. They can easily find all their documents in the clear archive. They can access their documents via different devices. And it is also completely secure.”

You have to explain to the employees why the company has chosen this system, what the benefit to them is, as well as indicate the added value.

Steven Laurent, director of digital channels at Acerta.
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Starting up Acerta: practical

The start-up phase went smoothly within Acerta. “The most important thing with a change like this is to ensure good communication,” Steven emphasizes. “You have to explain to the employees why the company chose this system, what the advantage is for them and also indicate the added value. The added value for employees is not only that they receive their payroll documents digitally. The platform also offers them many other possibilities such as paying their invoices digitally. The added value goes far beyond the shop floor.

“We started with a large communication campaign. Not only with practical explanations, but also about the security and accessibility of the platform. A good and transparent communication accelerates and facilitates the adoption of the system and the number of Acerta employees using Doccle increased very quickly,” concludes Steven.

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