A major milestone and key moment for Doccle

The journey we embarked upon with Doccle 9 years ago has been tremendously satisfying. Our passion to simplify digital administration for all Belgians is driven by our mission to protect extremely important personal information (documents and data) of people, both from a security and privacy perspective. On top of this we are committed to create a mobile and online experience and simplicity that allows people to easily receive and handle their administration in a digital world.

Bram Lerouge

For organizations we are driven by the ambition to support their digital strategy. We are a network organization that regards our clients as partners in an ecosystem where we as an organization want to be a catalyst to improve and scale organization’s digital touchpoints with their clients.

The organizations digital strategy is our starting point where we provide them with solutions to reach all clients B2C and B2B through all channels (Doccle, Zoomit, own portals, email, Peppol and other channels.)

Yesterday is marked as a major milestone for Doccle and Zoomit.

Creating one unified organization for companies to reach their clients, creates simplicity and clarity in the market.

Doccle is now able to increase possibilities :

  • For our 4,4 mio Doccle and Zoomit users we allow them to connect to more companies in both Doccle and Zoomit
  • For all companies we increase our service to be able to reach all types of clients B2C and B2B and have access to more services when it fits their strategy.
  • For banks we increase relevancy because we can make all invoices available in bank apps

As a CEO I am very grateful to work with talented people in our teams and exchange vision and ideas with an even greater number of people working at the companies in our ecosystem (clients, shareholders, partners). I would like to thank all people that have made this possible.


This being said we are not where we want to be : our apps need to improve and our alignment with companies’ strategy and service needs to be stronger.