Peppol: the new standard for invoicing

What exactly is Peppol?

Peppol is the abbreviation for “Pan-European Public Procurement Online. A standardized network to exchange business documents, such as invoices, electronically. And this with trading partners from all over Europe, and beyond. And is becoming mandatory to use in the future.

It is a protocol and network to exchange invoices securely between companies, and also governments, around the world. In addition to invoices, it is also about orders, purchase orders, receipts, ….

You can compare it to an e-mail. Each company has its specific Peppol address to which invoices or other documents can be sent. But Peppol is much more secure than standard mail. There is verification of both receiver and sender.

Thus, Peppol forms a very reliable digital bridge between suppliers and B2B customers. Business documents are sent digitally through the Peppol network, resulting in faster processing, thorough automation and lower costs.

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Advantages of Peppol

In addition, Peppol has a zipper of additional benefits:

Efficient: quick and easy delivery

Cost-saving: low shipping and printing costs

Automated process: e-invoicing and automated processing of e-invoices reduce the risk of human error.

International capabilities: Peppol is internationally known and supported by several countries.

Transparency: the use of a standard format for electronic invoices makes them easier to read. Which significantly reduces the risk of errors.

Secure: Peppol uses secure protocols to protect documents. Verification of both sender and recipient makes the chance of phishing or other fraudulent practices virtually nonexistent.

Peppol: mandatory use

In fact, the use of Peppol is already mandatory when sending invoices to government agencies within Belgium.

Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem has announced that from January 1, 2026, every company will have to send its invoices to other companies through the Peppol network. And consequently, every company will have to have a connection to Peppol.

Choose Doccle

1 point of contact for invoice distribution

Doccle offers the ability to deliver documents through Peppol. So companies have only one point of contact when it comes to invoice delivery. And this both in a B2B and B2C context. In addition, Doccle offers other invoicing options such as e-mail, Zoomit, print or the Doccle platform.

Straightforward integration

Doccle works with APIs that guarantee easy integration with minimal impact on your already overcrowded roadmap. So you can focus on your core business while digitizing your administrative processes quickly and efficiently.


Doccle maintains the strictest security regulations so that documents can be sent securely. We are also ISO 9001 & 27001 certified.

So much more than just distribution

Doccle also has a range of payment solutions, signing functionalities, registered mail, data sharing and archiving. With 1 integration, many processes can be digitized.

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