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About Doccle

Doccle is an online platform that acts as your personal central electronic archive. You can receive electronic documents from different partners on it. You need to link up with a partner just once and from that moment on, your partner will automatically place your documents in your inbox. First of all, your documents are placed on one central place and not on different sites with a number of different passwords.There, you can manage and store all your important documents simply, safely and securely. Whether it is a payslip or an invoice to be paid, you can quickly find everything.

In Doccle, you can also pay your invoices, add reminders, send documents and perform all kinds of other administrative actions. Doccle is thus more than an online archive, it also comprises a number of handy functions for easy, mobile and online administration. In addition, as a user you can choose to receive only online documents from some of your partners in the future. These green documents will therefore always land directly in Doccle, directly in your personal archive.

Why choose Doccle?

Doccle is the answer for the organisation of your personal administration. Not only will you save time by working in a clearly structured and efficient manner – using Doccle is also safe, secure and environmentally friendly. Pay invoices, look at payslips, query documents – and all in a jiffy. If you have already set up hard copy archives at home, there is no problem taking over the same structure in Doccle. Doccle is your letterbox, your desk, your admin assistant and your filing cabinet, all in one – handy and centralised, available everywhere and at all times.

The difference between Doccle and similar services lies in the integration of several action possibilities in one. Thus Doccle is not only an online platform on which documents are safely and securely kept for a long time, but also an application with which you can directly process files.

In addition, document management at Doccle goes much further than just paying a few bills. When you are connected with a partner, you will receive all paper documents you would normally get at home electronically in your letterbox directly on Doccle. Another important feature is the collaboration among different partners. Like this, you too can centrally manage your very own electronic archive. Furthermore, we also assign a great deal of importance to a user friendly design and are always open to your comments and suggestions.

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