Doccle is a cooperative organisation. This means that our aim is not to make a commercial profit, but to carry out our cooperative mission of eliminating any reason preventing individuals and businesses today from sharing and using digital documents.

For you as an individual, this means that Doccle wants to provide you with every facility to simplify the use of digital documents. The fact that Doccle has a cooperative goal rather than a commercial one makes it unique, because your important documents are stored and handled on a platform that monitors your privacy. We therefore regard protecting your privacy as one of our primary objectives.

We do this by adhering to the following principles:

1) Doccle is an organisation based in Belgium and hence in Europe – so no American conditions

a. Documents and data entrusted to Doccle do not leave European territory. b. Third parties cannot simply retrieve data. Doccle will notify you should this ever happen, for example for legal reasons.

2) Doccle uses the power of social media tools, but it is not a social media tool itself. Your data is therefore kept safe.

a. In Doccle you have a profile which enables you to link with partners, store documents online and categorise documents using labels. The information you entrust to Doccle when you use these functions will not be shared with anyone other than your partners without your permission.
b. Doccle is not an organisation that seeks to generate commercial income through the use of your personal information.

3) Doccle is the controller of the data it receives from partners and will not share this data with third parties.

a. The data of one partner is strictly separated from that of other partners.
b. The only person who can see this data from different partners is you, via your Doccle profile.
c. Doccle will not combine the data provided by different partners in order to acquire new information. Doccle gives you, the user, control over the possibilities you want to use. For every choice we make it clear what information will be shared and with which parties.

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