Your security

We work hard to protect Doccle and our users against unauthorised access to or the unauthorised alteration, disclosure or destruction of data in our possession. In particular:

• We secure all our communication with SSL.
• All web services have two-step verification (username/password + certificates).
• All administrative actions by employees at Doccle and its partners are subject to two-step authentication.
• We regularly evaluate our practices regarding the collection, storage and processing of data, including physical security measures, in order to protect against unauthorised access to systems.
• We regularly evaluate our methods for preventing data loss.
• We restrict access to the entrusted data to Doccle employees, contractors and agents on a ‘necessary for the service’ basis. These individuals are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations.


Increasingly, cybercriminals are trying to trick consumers directly into handing over personal information. This form of Internet crime is called phishing.

Doccle will never request personal information by email or ask you to reveal your login details on the phone. Doccle only uses email to send you information that has been placed on your Doccle.


Don’t give hackers a chance. Be on your guard at all times! Hackers are constantly changing their techniques to circumvent protection systems.

• Original passwords
• The latest software versions
• An antivirus program
• A firewall
• An antispyware program
• An antispam filter
• You and your network
• Be vigilant when using the Internet
• Be careful when making online payments!

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