Pay worry-free with Doccle,
and win great prizes


How can I win?


  1. Pay your bills from De Watergroep,  Telenet or other invoices simply through Doccle.
  2. Then fill out the participation form and answer the tie breaker question.
  3. You have the chance to win an iPhone 14 Pro, tickets for Bellewaerde or duo tickets for a year full of experiences.
  4. If you win, you will be notified personally.


Pay your water bill from De Watergroep and win one of 10 duo tickets to Bellewaerde!

Yes, I would like to win a duo ticket

Pay your telecom bill from Telenet and win one of 2 iPhones 14 Pro!

Yes, I would love to win an iPhone 14 Pro

Pay your bills through Doccle and win one of 25 duo museum passes full of unique experiences!

Yes, I would love to win a duo museum pass!

Any questions about the contest?

  • If you have a bill/invoice to pay, after opening the document you will find a Pay Now button.

    You will then be given a choice between the payment methods Bancontact and KBC.

    Bancontact via the browser version of Doccle:

    Here you get a QR code which you can scan using Payconiq or any other Bancontact-compatible app installed on your smartphone.

    Bancontact via the Doccle app:

    In this case, you won’t get a QR code but you will go straight to a selection screen where all installed Bancontact-compatible apps on your mobile device will be presented.


    This option opens KBC Touch or Mobile, depending on the device you are using (PC or mobile).



    Payment with Visa, MasterCard or other credit cards is not possible.

  • This usually means that the company does not provide invoices created before the activation of your connection on Doccle.

    You will in that case receive your future invoices, starting from the first document following the activation, but not the invoices from before that time.

    Duplicates of older documents can always be requested from the company in question (or from the employer, in the case of paychecks).


    Documents that you received not on Doccle but via e-mail or other channels can be uploaded to your Doccle account yourself, free of charge. Are you stuck with paper versions? You can scan those with your smartphone’s camera and then upload them via the Doccle app.

    All the necessary info can be found in this article: How do I upload a document to my account myself?

  • The contest rules can be found here.

Why is paying with Doccle so hassle-free?

Paying with Doccle is secure

In your Doccle account, you’ll find only real invoices. Pay them easily via your familiar banking application. All data is pre-populated to avoid errors.

Convenience and accuracy in one convenient solution. And if you pay via Doccle, you don’t give phishing a chance.

Paying with Doccle is easy

With Doccle, you receive automatic notifications for new invoices. When you pay an invoice via Doccle, it is marked as “already paid,” making it easy for you to keep track. If you forget an invoice, Doccle sends a payment reminder before the due date.

In addition, all your invoices are stored securely for as long as you wish. Useful for warranty certificates and more.

Paying with Doccle is fast

Paying with Doccle is very smooth. You have direct access to your real invoices, and payment is made through your familiar banking application.

With Doccle, paying is a simple and smooth experience, leaving you more time for what really matters.

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